Optikinetics  6″ Wheels
Fractal Series

Cutting edge
designs that
push the limits
of technology!

We’ve worked for months to
create an exclusive series
of Optikinetic wheels.

We delved deep into the world
of mathematics, fractals,
nature and aesthetics.

Printed on the highest quality
film at 1000dpi in full
16 million colour RGB,
the results are truly stunning.

We’ve lifted the production of
custom Optikinetic wheels into
a whole new league.

Quantum Foam

A journey into the fabric of space
and time. Incredible details and
insights into the source of our
existence are brought to life in
this stunning piece of living art.


A world of whimsy, stars,
polka dots and waves of
energy create a unique
and flamboyant atmosphere
in this incredible piece of
fractal art.



The influence of gravity causes
matter to create galaxies, stars,
planets & black holes.

The vortex is the source of life.
This ravishing piece of art
will WOW your audience,
stirring deep subconscious
emotions which lie dormant in
all of us.

Spheres of Life

The universe is filled with
electricity, magnetism, atoms,
particles & gravity.
Ponder your place in this
wonderous realm of energy
and creation.

We are all made of stars.


Abstract brush strokes meet bees
from the 6th dimension.
Stunning colours and bold
geometric shapes transform
your space into an
interdimensional wonderland.